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1,500 parking spaces

The Odyssey Car Parks, serving the entire development, contain a total of 1,500 parking spaces across the front, rear, and overflow car parks, including 60 designated disabled parking bays.

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Car Park Terms & Conditions

Car Park Charges

Length of stay Price
Up to 20 minutes £0.80
Up to 1 hour £1.80
Up to 2 hours £3.60
Up to 3 hours £5.40
Up to 4 hours £7.20
Up to 5 hours £9.00
Up to 6 hours £10.80
Up to 7 hours £12.60
Up to 8 yours £14.40
Up to 9 hours £16.20

For stays over 9 hours please add £3.00 per hour or part thereof. Maximum charge £30 for 24-hour period.

Please note that it may take approximately one hour to exit the car park after busy events, due to the capacity of the road networks surrounding the Odyssey complex.

Please contact the car park office for Odyssey coach parking enquiries via the form below.

For further information about Arena event parking, please visit www.ssearenabelfast.com.

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